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  Heaven's Best often gets asked if we can clean tall buildings.  Our answer is always YES. Properties in tall buildings provided unique challenges for carpet cleaning companies, but at Heaven’s Best we don’t see it that way. We use portable cleaning equipment (Tennant, Nobles, Priority, and Century) in high rise buildings, and whether you have a 1 story house, or are on the 31st floor of a building, we can clean your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, or hardwood floors for you. Truck mounted machines are limited by the length of their hoses, and the further you are from their machine, the more they lose heat and suction (which means potentially wetter carpeting for longer periods of time and less soil removal).  Also, it is never recommended to run unsecured hoses out of windows or doors, especially if you are on the 3rd floor or higher. If unsecured, the hoses can move around and potentially cause damage to the window sill, the outside of the building, door seals, or even break windows below. With our DRY in ONE HOUR option your tenants and employees will not be disturbed.

Available cleaning services from Heaven's Best:

- Carpet
- Upholstery
- Hardwood
- Oriental Rug
- Pet Odors
- Protectant
- Patios (No Overspray)
- Concrete
- Tile & Grout
- Natural Stone
- Area Rugs
- Leather

Heaven's Best Cleaning Solutions:  Hot Water Extraction  |  Bonnet  |  Encapsulation


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