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Your Carpets will be Dry in ONE hour!  The beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives.  Quality carpet that is well-maintained should last 10-12 years.  With professional carpet cleaning from Heaven’s Best we will help keep your carpet looking great for its full lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality and help you adhere to your carpet warranties.

Soil is a primary cause of premature wear of carpets.  Carpets can absorb large amounts of dry soil and grit without appearing very dirty. Sticky types of soil tend to be deposited on the surface. Particle size is also important since finer soil tends to be the cause of most discoloration associated with a generally dirty carpet, while coarser dirt either lies visibly on the carpet surface or is buried within the pile. Traffic movement over soiled carpets causes embedded grit to rub against pile yarns.  This constant grinding can cause the pile fibers to break down and lose their sheen and resilience. Oily greasy films, like those caused by body oils, HVAC furnaces, cooking odors and pets can cause carpets to mat and soil rapidly as dirt is attracted to the carpet.

A big difference exists between cleaning and maintenance.  Cleaning is the removal of apparent soil, generally occurring “ when needed”.  Maintaining, on the other hand, is a planned, ongoing process to sustain a carpet at a high appearance level.  A sound maintenance program protects your pocketbook and the environment. The right cleaning helps safeguard your carpet investment by keeping you from having to replace it before its time.  That is great news because it also keeps carpet out of landfills prematurely.

Your Heaven’s Best service experience begins with an initial inspection and walkthrough to address any areas of concern.  We then begin our unique cleaning process by removing all loose soil in the carpet with a powerful dry vacuum system.  This is when we pinpoint any problem areas and pretreat as necessary.  Next, we lightly spray our exclusive Heaven's Best cleaning solution (with deodorizer) onto the carpet.  This solution is a mild cleaning solution which immediately penetrates each carpet fiber and starts breaking up the dirt trapped within.  Our formula is environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets.

After our cleaning solution has done its job, we then go over the carpet with a heavy duty floor machine which has specially designed absorbent pads on the bottom.  The machine weighs about 150 pounds, so as it spins, it gently flops the carpet fiber every way possible and compresses the moisture and soil out of the carpet fiber and into the absorbent pads. 

The soil from the top of the fiber down to the base is gently wiped away.  The dirt collects on the absorbent pad.  We use both sides of the pad, then when it is dirty we use another clean pad. We continue until the soil and moisture are totally removed.  Our cleaning pads are sanitized daily so we start each job with a fresh set of clean pads.

Next, we groom the carpet fibers all in one direction.  The carpet will be totally dry in less than an hour after we finish the process.  The carpet will be standing up like it did when it was new. It will look, feel, and smell clean and fresh. 

  Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning includes:                  
  •     Firm estimate with no hidden charges
  •     Firm, convenient, on-time appointments
  •     Specially trained technicians
  •     We move most furniture
  •     Spot Removal
  •     Carpet Deodorizer
  •     Stain resistant protective coating available
  •     Backed by our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee

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